Soft straw yellow with tears slowly running down the glass. An example of Graševina from the continental climate, as opposed to overripe favourites from Slavonian plains and Podunavlje region.

Discretely oily texture in a very lively wine whose freshness comes from inside. Pure aromas of citrus fruit, grapefruit and lemon zest, then apple and dry apricot, appearing moderately, showing entirely appropriate intensity for a medium-bodied dry wine with an impressive finish. The structure is balanced, with alcohols well blended in and especially well integrated acidity. Ideally served slightly less chilled than the average white wine, it will gradually open up to reveal the minerality of soil from Petrač family’s oldest vineyard and the abundance of vinous aromas. A recognizable Graševina with all specific inherent characteristics, at the same time very elegant and easy-drinking wine. Pair with freshwater fish, chicken or turkey, veal risotto or pasta salad

Petrač Karizma