A special wine with a high residual sugar, of a distinctive red colour, its fragrance and flavor recalling the quince paste. A unique ice wine.
Alcohol level: 10.8 vol.%
Reducing sugar: 215.2 gms/l
Total acidity: 8.0 g/l
Like a highly concentrated syrup, this kind of wine experience is a dessert on its own. Still, it is possible to pair it with desserts like Sacher cake, croquants au caramel or dry figs.

Only very rarely is the Cabernet Sauvignon wine grape left for ice wine vintages. Unlike most wine-growing regions where Cabernet represents a traditional wine grape, the microclimate of Hrvatsko zagorje makes it possible to fulfill the conditions for an ice wine vintage. The ice wine grape were harvested in the night of January 22, 2010, at the temperature of -14°C. The ice wine must contained 210 Oe.

Petrač Karizma